My Rakkasan Soldier

My Rakkasan Soldier

I watched the towers fall, and my heart just sank
“He’s gonna go to war”, that’s all I could think
I was saddened for our country, but more for you
This would tear us apart, without you what would I do

It’s so lonely without you, I miss you so much
Oh how I long to be with you, to feel your touch
Simple things that I miss, your voice, your smell
I even miss your snoring, but “Shhhh, don’t tell!”

The boys miss you too, they just don’t understand
They want you here, not in a far away land
“When’s Daddy coming home?”, they say
I have no answer, just that you have to be away

You make us so proud, fighting for this great nation
Your full of strength, pride, bravery and dedication
So proud of the Screaming Eagle Patch that you wear
My Rakkasan soldier, please stay safe and take care!

In honor of my Husband, SGT James Parton, 1-187 INF

By Deborah Parton

contributed by Deb [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]