Missing You

Missing You

This Is A Poem That I Wrote To My Hubby After He Was Deployed...Just Thought I
Would Share Ti With Everyone...The Title Is In Bold Print...

Missing You
I Lay Here At Night Wishing To Hold You
You Left Without Goodbyes
But There Was Nothing You Could Do

I Pray Ever Night That You Will Come Home Soon
My Darlin I Love And Miss You

I Wake Each Morning With A New Day To Begin
I Want The Fight To Stop
I Want This War To End

My Days Are Getting Shorter
My Nights Are Getting Long
I Feel The Tear Drops Falling
But For My Family I Must Be Strong

You Are In God's Hands
He Will Take Care Of You
God Will Keep You Safe
While You Do The Things You Do

You Are Doing Your Country Well
I Am Proud Of You Indeed
You Are There For Your Mates
And Other People's Need

I Love You Very Much
I Miss You Even So
On The Day That You Come Home
I Will Never Let You

~Carrie Rose

contributed by Carrie Rose [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.