My Beautiful Soldier

My Beautiful Soldier

How will I make it through each day without your touch?
I've come to rely on your gentleness and our love so much.

When you go it will break my heart in two.
Just so half can go with you.

It's been said before, but without you I'm not whole.
It all started with your laughter - it worked its way into my soul.

You're my beautiful soldier, such a proud and honorable man.
Though it's hard to let you go I'll do what I have to, or just what I can.

It's true that freedom does not come free.
No, it comes at the high cost of lives and at best a bit of sanity.

To date there are 1,009 US troop fatalities.
It's hard to accept your decision when faced with these staggering realities.

Because of this it will be with love, fear, and hope that I will kiss you farewell.
And I will come home and pray to any god who will listen to deliver you from hell.

You are the light that dispels my shadows and fears.
You are the man I want at my side for all our remaining years.

You chase away my nightmares and hold me in my sleep.
You've given me so many wonderful memories to hold onto, to keep.

Please remain safe my love,
For without you I don't think there's an obstacle I can rise above.

Name withheld at Author's Request