Poem for you

 poem for you

I am thinking of you and only you 
No one else slips thru my mind 
I wish you could see what I am going thru 
Hours pass and Days go by trying to find 
Only someone to hold me when your not near 
Never would I disband our love so cruel 
I want you here 
I stare at your picture thinking of one rule 
I love you so deep and that is my fear 
Losing you and feeling like a fool 
Only because we cannot be close 
I feel your pain of hurt 
I cry out to you at night 
Our distant love is a fight 
Never giving up in any way 
I want you here 
I want you to stay 
Feeling your closeness so far 
I can hear 
Your crying for me to stay 
I just want to say.......... 
Fred, You are so much worth this pain contributed by Mandi
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