My Dear Sweet Soldier

My Dear Sweet Soldier

I sit here tonight with you on my mind
Making it ever so hard to unwind

I pray that your are safe and sound
I still cant help but to want you around

I do my best to keep it together
because I now that this will not last forever

You are my life, my love and my best friend
to you I will promise this until the end

No other could make me feel as loved as you
For this I know that our love is true

I know not to cry or to be blue
I don't want this to be any harder on you

Everyone that I meet hears of you and your
And how proud I am of you

Although I talk to you everyday
I still now that you are so very far away

The distance between us will only make our love
I just pray that it wont be much longer

I know its tuff and most of the time never ending
But you my love are strong and enduring

Keeping our love and life together is my duty
Keeping peace and security is your duty

Together we can make it through this trial in our life
Just know that I will always be your loving wife

Goodnight My Sweet Soldier
Sleep Sweet!!!!

Written by:
Shali Harkreader
Wife of:
SPC. Raymond Harkreader