My Hero

 My Hero

I'll forever call him hero
Whether history feels the same or not
The world may know him by face and name
Or only see him as a nameless face,
But I'll forever call him hero

I stand by, I wait
Every day at home, patiently
For the next leave
Alone and lonely, at home and waiting
For the one and only man
I'll forever call hero

He is as strong of a man as there will ever be
or ever has been before
He's a strong fighter, an even stronger lover;
And he will forever be my stength; my hero

He's extremely corageous and brave
Brave for himself and for me when I'm not
He tells me everything's all right
And he would hold me if he could
And he'll forever be my courage; my hero

These times are so hard, when he's away
People just make it harder, thinking it won't last
But just like him, I'm always faithful
And he'll forever be my only one; my hero

He's full of endurance and might
Smart enough to run and hide,
Strong enough to stand and fight
Able to walk all day and well through the night,
And he'll forever be my will; my hero

He's such an honorable man, honest and true
He lives by the strict code of the Marine Corps
With morality and common sense
Decency and intuition
And he'll forever be an honor to me; my hero

Over these oceans and stretches of land
I know he'll be true and always thinking of me
His pure faith shows me all I need for reassurance
And I'll keep hope alive across the endless distance
That he'll do everythinghe can
To pull those oceans and lands
>From in between us to right behind

And keep us together
Until the end of forever
Because he was meant for me
From birth to death and all eternity
And he will forever be my soulmate;
My Hero

To LCpl Damon Wilson
By: Robyn Leeder(Wilson)

contributed by Robyn Leeder(Wilson) [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]