Our life

Our life

As I sit here all alone, it gives me time to reflect,
On all the times we've shared and the first time we met.
I remember it like it was yesterday,
As I fall into memories that all seem far away.
I think of that night you sang, as I rubbed my fingers through your hair,
and we cuddled all night long without a worry or a care.
I remember the first time you said you loved me and how crazy it all seemed,
That we felt at that moment we were soul mates and it wasn't just a dream.
Then there was your proposal that didn't seem real,
But out in front of that castle on the ground you did kneel.
Tears rolled down my cheek as I smiled and accepted,
But soon it all fell apart when thinks got harder than expected.
It didn't take long to realize that you had just made a mistake,
Because all we really needed was a short little break.
As time went on our relationship grew,
And we found out I was pregnant with not one but two.
We sat and pondered about what we should do,
And the army seemed like the only thing to get us through.
So five months your trained to be all you could be,
And the night you came home we had our babies.
They were born premature and stayed about a week,
And when we brought them home, everyone came to take a peek.
A couple weeks later my dream had come true,
When I walked down the aisle and saw nothing but you.
We made our vows and I gave you my heart,
When I promised to love you til death do us part.
We moved to Kentucky and made our new start,
But I never would have thought we would be so far apart.
You went to Iraq and soon it all began,
A war in the beginning I didn't understand.
They said six months and you would probably be back,
But eleven months later your still in Iraq.
I'm raising our children, the best I know how,
But I always remember its only for now.
So come home soon and well begin again,
With memories to share until the very end.

For my husband Jeremy

Samantha Mitchell

submitted by
Amanda Marsh