Just another day

Just another day

As I sit here all alone thinking of what to say,
I realize I have been up all night and its just another day.
Its just another day wishing you were here,
As I hold back the pain and wipe away my tears.
Its just another day as thoughts fill my mind,
Of why you've been gone so long, the answer I wish to find.
Its just another day you serve our country with pride,
But the feelings I have no longer can I hide.
I feel so selfish at the beginning of this day,
Because I want you here with me and not so far away.
As the day comes to an end and darkness falls again,
I hear a gentle voice whispering from within.
Don't worry my child everything's alright,
I'll watch over him and keep him safe through the night.
I kneel on the floor next to my bed,
Trying to get these voices out of my head.
I thought I was crazy and then I heard the voice say,
Stay strong my child, the pain will go away.
The next day I found out my hopes might come true,
And well be together soon, with so much to do.
Maybe tomorrow is just another day,
But one day closer to when you come home to stay.

For my husband, Jeremy

Samantha Mitchell

submitted by
Amanda Marsh