"I Remember"

"I Remember"

I remember every word you said,
Each look upon your face.
I can see the sky and feel the air,
And our last quick embrace.

I remember all the children playing,
Eating lunch on the lawn.
I remember women crying,
And Marines trying to be strong.

I know every moment of that day
And all the days with you before,
But what happened after you stepped on that bus
I don't remember anymore.

I don't recall driving home,
Or what I did that evening,
I don't remember crying,
And I don't remember sleeping.

All the days since you've gone
Are blurred into eachother,
Each exactly like the last,
My memory has suffered.

But what has helped me through this haze
From that day to this,
Is my perfect memories of you
And the last time we kissed.