"From the Beginning"...

From the Beginning"...

We met before the 6 month cruise, forced to say goodbye, so much left for us
to lose. Amist the tears and the anguish, that love between us thrived and

Emails & Letters, those few beautiful phone calls.  Blissful anticipation
building, this spark of love keeps on kindeling.  My sailor out to sea,
gone, but always with me.

The day arrives, that ship pulls in, a new life together, just waiting to
begin.  I see you on the bridge, this distance between us, quickly closing

The power of your touch after these long lonely months, My sailor, He's
holding me.  Finally, the turbulent ocean has set him free.

Our Journey goes on from here, this military life, always near. A six month
cruise will come again, taking away my sailor, my best friend.

OH, but I'll be here, waiting, anticipating; on the coming home of YOU my

Back to the beginning, of this unsettling journey. Starting over, saying
goodbye, knowing how much I'll miss thee. The ocean roars, calling my
sailor's name; tears and anguish, just apart of the game.

Three years, we're set, its shore duty now. A well deserved rest, for this I

Let me take you in, for once time is on our side. A calm in the storm, our
journey back home again.

>From the beginning, not yet even close to the end, my love is what you have
my dear, always, from your wife, your bestfriend.

Kristen Robbins