I dont know who to send this too but since you are the
top on the list I will take my chances with the first name
I see.

I am a CNA in a little town in Iowa, and recently one of
my residents passed away whom was a Naval Man
through the soul of his heart. With a full 21 gun salute
this man was laid to rest in a small cemetary here in
small town Iowa.

With dementia taking his stories away early, I was still
carried by the honor of his duty in memory by his family
as well as the fading tatoo he sported proudly upon
his arm. Even to his grave his crypt proudly displayed
an ever waving flag with the naval insignia.

Not knowing what exactly to "give" to the family as a
memorial for their time with us, we came across a site
online called stardeeds. and we purchased him a star
that would ever shine over his family.

With it was this poem I wrote and on the urging of his family,
thought I would send on to you to share with whomever you
choose. I dont know if you have a memorial list of names
but if you do, would you please add his to your list!

Thank you
Debbie Koval

Deceased--- Herbert O'Brien October 9 2004

The time has come for ship to sail
Across the waters and through the gale
A winding path of endless plight
Carried by waves through out the night

Aboard this ship a priceless load
Of ones true love wrapped up in gold
A ring bright shone for all to see
The sailor sails away to sea

Upon the shore her lonely heart
Aches for the man for which she part
His memory etched in her soul
And on her finger a ring of gold

A faint and glistening light appears
A whispering sound of waves she hears
The voice is full and filled with glee
>From the sailorman away at sea

Precious Angel it has been said
That stars are the blankets for a heavenly bed
They also say that they never fade
And grow more brighter with every prayer made

Look towards the ship each night you fear
that I am not close or I am not near
And know that I will watch over you
All that you say and all that you do..

For a sailors wife you'll always be
My ships mate for eternity
Someday the heavens will open wide
For you to again be at my side

Until that time look to the night
For a star burning brilliantly bright
And know the sea for which I sail
is upon the wave of that stars tail

Debbie Koval -October 9, 2004