Chosen Ones

 Chosen Ones

We have been granted a one in a kind love The love that has to be strong
and true From up above we have been picked to share our love with a sailor.

We know the pain, the feelings, the happiness and the fears that come with
loving our sailors.

Thats why we were the chosen ones, we were chosen for our strength and love
that we have to share.

We all must be strong and proud. God chose us for reasons he only knows. He
matched us with our love or sailors, He know who would be right and whos
love would be true.

Our love is strong, our love is true. We shed a tear, we make a smile, we
have our fears and we have our memories.

While apart from our sailors we must be strong because the day comes when
we will be with our sailors and the tears will be happy tears and the fears
will be fears of when is he leaving again....

But as the chosen ones we can handle all the emotions. Our sailors love us
and think of us often, so we have to be strong for them and proud they are
serving our nation.

For we are the chosen ones..

contributed by Anne-Christine Villwock