Everything happens for a reason, they say.
But no one expected you to go away!
Why, I ask does it have to be mine?
Everything was perfect our existence was fine.

Although fine to him is not a strong word.
To define his future? That would be absurd!

He has to have the best, yet I sit here and cry.
The navy's the answer, he could not deny.
He's gone and I'm here wondering how to get by.
I count down the days, watch time drag and sigh.

I sit by my phone and pray that he calls,
yet the phone never rings,
I'm climbing the walls!

I can't help but wonder if I knew where I'd be,
If he'd still be the one I choose best for me?

And that was the question that made me alert
This pain I am feeling isn't coming from hurt.

This is happiness I feel for the man that I love,
He was sent to me special from the good lord above.

We are the luckiest women in the world in my eyes,
These sailors love us and fight for our lives!
How selfish I feel that I felt sorry for myself,
While he is out there fighting for our families wealth.

These men are truly the heroes in the world today,
And I wish they all could hear when I say;
How thankful we are to be loved by you,
and how proud we are for all that you do.

I know now these tears I cry are not from sorrow
But out of pride for my sailor, who brightens my tomorrow!!!

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