Amazing Creature

 Amazing Creature


I really enjoy your Navy wives website, as I find myself being not only a Navy
Wife, but a Sailor too. It's often hard to be apart from my husband, as I am
sure it is hard for him too. There are times when I am the one sailing, and he
is home alone, and yet others when he is sailing and I am here. It is all a
little much sometimes, so I find myself writing letters and poetry to ease the
loneliness that this life often brings. Thanks so much for your wonderful
tribute to all the Navy Wives, and sailors, for I am that all wrapped up into
one! Here is a poem I recently wrote:

Amazing Creature

Amazing creature so divine,
how can it be that you are mine?
I find myself lost in your eyes
Just seeing where my every dream lies

Gentle bird carrying me on your wing,
Your love, an incomprehensible thing
Encompassing me with the light from your heart
Keeps me warm all the hours we are apart.

I long to feel you, to touch you, to see you
To feel the power from within you
Make all the fears and sorrow vanish
all the ugliness, you quickly banish

Reverse it all to be wonderful, so grand
simply by touching my face...your hand
Holds a universe so blissful, so bright,
where nothing is wrong, all is right

My entire being is impoverished when you are away
And my heart pleads with me to beg you to stay
I know that you must leave me again
I keep hoping that it will all end

Yet here we are again, saying farewell,
farewell to me, the tears begin to swell
I tell myself I shant cry, not ask why
I know that leaving shant make me die

Yet it does, each time I must let go
A piece of my soul ceases to grow
All the world keeps moving, but I can't see
All I know is that you are not here with me

Amazing creature so divine, so bright
Why can't you be here with me tonight?
We are one, but we are theirs too,
And all I want is to feel you.........

Thanks again, and Fair Winds and Following Seas!

Kristy P. Carberry, EW2, wife to Joseph Carberry, EW2

contributed by Kristy P. Carberry [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.