A Sailor's Wife

A Sailor's Wife

A sailor’s wife has a high price to pay
Loving her man the six months he’s away
Feeling alone amidst all the crowd
Praying for him with head silently bowed
Watching him go with a tear in her eye
He turns around for one last goodbye
She blows his way one more little kiss
Knowing how badly those lips she will miss
No arms to hold her tightly at night
No one to whisper "honey it’ll be alright"
Wiping her eyes and sucking in the ache
Watching the ship go and following it’s wake
His duty to wife, family, and nation
Will be done from a faraway station
She’s thinking of him and he of her
Making time go by in what seems a blur
And when it’s all over which never seems the case
Her sailor will return with a smile on his face
But until that shining moment is here
She sits and thinks "I have nothing to fear"
And even though he’s in a faraway land
She thinks of his face so charming so grand
He’s thinking of her on every new day
Loving her always come whatever may
And so anyone can see the love that they share
Will endure his time away with this foreign affair
And so she is happy with what has become of her life
Oh the pride she feels as a sailors wife!
Written By April Hough Dedicated to her sailor hubby FC2 (SW) Jamie J. Hough

Not to be used without permission.

April Hough

contributed by April Hough [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]