June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy



 know this is not to good but i am crying right now and i miss my hubby to
be so much...


you came home this weekend
a surprise just for me,
time for us to spend
i was so happy
do you know i miss you so much
i cant stand the distance
and the tears hurt so much
i know its only 16 hours to drive and 4 by plane
but it is so much more when it comes to the pain
i love you, i know you know that
but i had to say it again
well its the first day of the three monthes till i see you
itll be hard but ill survive
i hope....i know i will
for your my strength and i need to be yours!
By Sammi Carson
To the best sailor a girl could ask for i love you fireman kerr!

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