When God Created the Sailor

When God Created the Sailor

God created the heavens and the earth, man and woman and He said that this was
good. Man ruled over the earth, but something was missing... this man was good,
but God felt the earth needed something more. It needed a man who could rule
the earth and tame the waters.

God molded this "special" man's body. Strong and secure. He knew this man
needed an arm long enough to reach across oceans and countries. God gave him
tough hands ment for handling guns, flying planes, and doing push-ups at the
drop of a hat. Yet He made his hands soft and gentle for holding his baby,
hugging his mother and caressing the cheek of his wife.

This man's heart- his most important detail. God molded it with care and gave
him a strong heart. Strong enough to endure loneliness and separation. Strong
enough to leave the ones he loves. The heart to kill whether its right or wrong.

The Lord also blessed this man with a brain. A brain to outsmart the enemy,
devise new weapons, remember to call his mother, remember his anniversary and
how many push-ups he has left... all at the same time.

God also made him a great speaker and a talented writer- his only
communication home. This man is also a good listener and a friend... especially
to those just like him. God had big plans for this "special" man. He wanted to
make more... many more of this man who can do anything. This man who tames the
waters and sails in ships. This man who sails in ships... God stepped back to
admire his newest creation... this man who sails ships... this sailor.

By: Felisha Davis

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