As a FY2001 Chief Selectee I was looking for a way to say thankyou to my
wife for her support, I edited the "Silent Ranks" poem submitted by LeAnn
(3 June 1999). This poem and a breif dedication will be on the inside of my
charge book, because without her support, I wouldn't be here today.
Thankyou for the inspiration LeAnn, I hope you don't object.

You wear no uniform of blue, nor even CB green.
But you are in the ranks, the rank so rarely seen.

You have no rating on your sleeve, salutes you do not give.
But Navy life is the place, in which you now must live.

You're not listed on the muster sheet, orders you do not get.
But your husband is the one who does, this you can not forget.

You're not the one who every day, puts life upon the line.
But your job is just as tough, you're the one that's left behind.

Your husband is a sailor, a brave and prideful man
The call to serve his country, not all can understand.

Behind the lines you see the work, to keep this country free.
Your husband makes the sacrifice, as does your family.

You love the man you married, the Navy is his life.
You stand among the silent ranks, known as the Navy wife.

contributed by Gregg [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.