My Navy Chief

My Navy Chief

To you this man is as hard as stone
You see the ice run threw his bones
He's hard as nails and strong as steel
His words can sting like the tail of an ell

You see him in his uniform standing proud
Never seeing a single dark cloud
He is always on top of every situation
His creed is He's never mistaken

He will tell you of awesome combat stories
And how his unit fought for its glory
He stands by his country threw thick and threw thin
You cannot imagine the hell he's been in

You know him as a Navy Chief, one who was selected
He is to be honored, trusted and respected
I knew him when he was a 1st class
I've watched him walk on broken glass

He made his was up threw the ranks
Now he's a tough Navy Chief tank
I always knew it was in his heart
To become a Navy Chief right from the start

He's 100% man
Strong, bold and true
He's my Navy man
But a Navy Chief to you

Author: Jana O. Sprowl

contributed by Jana O. Sprowl [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.