The Memories Of A Navy Wife

 The Memories Of A Navy Wife

I Remember When I Met,
That Wonderful Man Of Mine.
He Said, "I Am A Sailor."
I Should Have Taken That As A Sign.
But I Fell In Love With Him.
My Fate Was Sealed That Day.
I Would Become A Navy Wife,
And Live My Life The Navy Way.
I Remeber When We Moved,
Into Quarters On The Base.
We Put A Sticker On Our Windshield,
And Joined The Navy Family Pace.
We Had Security For The First Time.
I Didn't Worry Throughout Our Stay,
But I Was Truly Scared The First Time,
When I Saw The Decrease In Pay.

After Months Of Trying We Found,
That Our First Born Was On The Way.
I Was Heartbroken When I Found Out,
That He Would Miss The Blessid Day.
Which Brings Me To Those Words.
Some Call It A Deployment.
Others Call It A Six Month Tour.
I've Come To Know It As Detatchment.
All Those Desparate Times,
Which Makes Us Sit And Ponder,
Why We Married These Sailors Of Ours,
Don't Say You've Never Wondered.

The Last Memory Of Mine,
Will Stay In My Heart Forever.
I Saw Thousands Of Other Faces That Day,
With Love That Wouldn't Waver.
On That Day Of Wonderment,
The Waiting Had Come To An End.
I Would Finally See His Face.
My Broken Heart Would Finally Mend.
Every Single Emotion In Me,
From Love, To Hate, To Failure,
Ran Through My Heart And Soul That Day,
At The First Kiss From My Sailor.

Yes, It's True, Our Lives Are Hard,
Between Moving And Goodbyes,
But In The End Each Memory,
Can Bring A Tear Into My Eyes.
A Tear For All The Joy.
A Tear For All The Fear.
A Tear For All The Lonliness.
A Tear For Each Passing Year.
Someday The Time Will Finally Come,
When You Are Considered A Civilian.
So Pass On All Of Your Memories,
Because After You Will Be Many Women.
These New Navy Wives Will Get,
All The Wisdom We Have To Give.
Through Their Years Of Navy Life,
Our Advice Will Help Them Live.

We Are A Sisterhood Of Women,
Who Share These Hardships Together.
We Stand Strong And Proud Of Our Sailors.
Our Tried And True Methods Will Live On Forever.

Michelle L. Dillman [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.