My Dear

 My Dear

My dear, please know before I start
That I love you with all my heart
But this is for your own good
And I think it’s time you understood

I know that the Navy is your life
Yet I still agreed to be your wife
I knew what life that meant for me
Loving a man in the Navy

Moving this whole world around
Whenever the new orders came down
Being alone time and again
When time at sea you did spend

And giving birth alone to our first son,
All because your time at sea was not done
Taking it all with a grain of salt
Knowing that none of it was your fault

The Navy was the life you chose
And I chose you as everyone knows
But now you say you’ve had enough
The sacrifices have grown too tough

Too tough for whom I want to know
‘Cause if for you away we shall go
But if my feelings have you concerned
I’d have thought by now you would’ve learned

My job, my talent, and my skills
Can be practiced wherever I will
My home, with you, where’er it may be
Here or there or even overseas

I am happy with this, our chosen life
As I chose to become a Navy wife
But you, those things in which you believe
Can you find somewhere outside the Navy?

If to this, your answer is yes
Which flight back home do you think best?
But if your soul is telling you no
Then which command will next we go?

Be sure you know your heart and your soul
In what you chose as your life’s goal
For years from now, say twenty or thirty
I won’t have you look back and resent me

The choice you make is yours alone
For where you are, that is my home
So make sure you know what you are about
And examine each and every doubt

And this, my love, I’m telling you now
Hoping that it is helping somehow
That whichever way you should chose
I am happy just being with you.
By: Danielle Mattingly
27 November 2000

contributed by Danielle Mattingly [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.