Love for a Sailor

 Love for a Sailor

Here is a poem that can be posted one the military wives website:

Love for a Sailor

A girlfriend of a sailor,
Does not have a life of ease.
It's basically composed
Of memories and dreams.

I close my eyes
And see you and me
I'm beginning to hate
your deployment at sea.

But why am I upset?
It's just another day
For when you arrive back home
I'll still be far away.

Yet I'm flying up to see you
When you ship comes sailing in
For our deployment battle has finished
And our hearts, filled with love, wins.

I'll be holding you,
kissing you,
keeping you near.

My week will come and go
then here we are again-
I will fly back home
heartache again.

Katrina Brown Girlfriend of a sailor on USS Carl Vinson

contributed by Katrina Brown [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.