Just a few months since you've gone
yet it seems so long ago.
It feels like forever since I felt
your soft lips touch mine.
Since you held me close and wispered,
"please baby don't cry, I'll be back home
before you know it. "

I still hear your heart beating in my ear,
so loud and yet so faint.
I smell you still as you were,
before you went away.
Your voice rings in my ear -
"I love you babe".
I hear it loud and clear.

I see your face as it were
-back then-
standing in that airport
-its all for the better-
Our future now looks bright,
and our love still burns strong.

You hold my heart
so close to yours.
Never do you let me wonder
or have one doubt.
You make sure I know
how much you love me
day in and day out.

Two short years weve shared as one-
and many more to come!!
Never will I regret the choice
we made!!
Yes we were young,
but none the less we were in love-
we still are!!

We agree its time now-
its been long enough.
We want a family now.
Soon we will recieve.
I know this to be true
because the lord also blessed
me with you.

Two sweet years have come and gone.
Now what does the future have in store?
Many days and nights spent a lone
yet to come. But we'll be just fine.

Our faith in each other will certainly
help us. But it is our faith in the good
lord above that will keep our hearts
close no matter how far the miles.
Love knows no time nor distance!!

Looking back on the past few months,
I can honestly say I'm as proud
as can be to say,
"my husband is in the U.S. Navy"!!!
A Navy wife thats what I'll be
from here until we decide
we don't want to be.

You are my Hero, my Best Friend,
my Husband, and J.J. you always will be!!!!
May the lord above keep watch over me
when you go out to see. We both know
I'll need more than you and me.

I LOVE YOU SAILOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JUNE 14TH 2000

contributed by Connie Lee [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]