I Go with You

I Go with You

Your simple words
Make me blush
Many smiles come to my face
At the thought of your touch

As thoughts of you
Race through my head
All I can do is smile
And think about every word you have said

What we have is special
Some may not understand
The way we feel, the way we met
The connection between me this woman,
and you this man

You were heaven sent
This I know
And it is going to
Tear me apart when you have to go

Yes we will reunited
With you, my heart i send
I will travel with you over the ocean
Until you are home again

I will cry
But my heart will not break
For your heart is strong
So your heart is what I take

Your baby girl will wait
And sing a song of prayer
i will not give up, will not let go
Until in my arms you are standing there

I send this
With all the love I can show
And only hope in time
That what we have continues to grow.

I love you Greg, never doubt that for one second. You are with me always in my
heart and I await the day until we can be together as one. I hope you liked
this poem. Since you are always writing poems for me, I just thought I would
write you one too show you how much you mean to me by the simple things you say
and do.

Your Babygurl,


contributed by Savanna [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.