Home At Last

Home At Last

My B/F is in the navy.... thought i would share some beautiful poems he
writes me

Home At Last
As the miles dwindle and the day gets near
And the hours are equal and were next to the pier
The lines are dropped and those words are heard
"Moored, shift colors" and our eyes are blurred
And they'll say were home as we drop the brow
I'll be looking for her from off the bow
When i see her there waiting for me
Waiving her arms so I can see
I will then find my way through the crowd
And off the boat, moving quicker now
Finding her, my heart racing fast
In her arms i am home at last

Give me the peace i find in her eyes
Take the sorrow I've heard in her cries
Bring me home to the girl i dream about
Let me love her tonight and remove all doubt
Give me the strength to hold her heart
And promise her we will never part
Let me give to her the love i hold
Let me warm her smile so she's never cold
Just take me home where i belong
To the very woman that makes me strong
Give us the love we shared before
And let her see what we've waited for
We were pulled apart 6 months ago
And it had to hurt her, this i know
So my wish is to give her what she needs
And make sure her heart will never bleed
As it did that day i walked away
A september morning, a rainy day

But a light shines bright as March gets near
And her smile I'll see and her voice I'll hear
And I'll hold her close and the tears will flow
And the emotions I've hid will finally show
I'll give to her every ounce of me
I'll kiss her lips as my heart breaks free
And I'll tell her i love her and cry some more
And let her know that she's worth waiting for
She's my best friend, she holds my fate
She's my companion, she's my soulmate
And I made her a promise long ago
To make her happy forever or so
So take me home, i beg of you
Across the oceans water blue
Let me hold her hand, let me touch her face
Let me see her eyes and make her heart race
For the love i hold for her inside
Has never dwindled, has never died
It has grown and strengthened all this time
Through dreams and letters and words of rhyme
And when she's in my arms and i hold her long
I'll finally be home, where i belong
Shayne P Baldwin

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