I am proud of you all

 I am proud of you all

this is dedicated to the my husband Ryan and to his shipmates on the USS

I walk with you on the ship to the quarter deck, you hug me one last time. You
tell me it will be ok not to cry as you are holding back your tears. I say I
love you and you say i love you. I walk off the ship on to the pier where all
the other wives and families are standing watching to see there loved one, one
last time, i watch as you are doing your job and you keep showing me a smile
and you tell me to smile. I try my best to smile but it is hard because all i
want to do is cry and yell no don't leave. But i know that this is part of a
military man's life and when you marry a sailor you not only marry him but you
marry the navy. You may leave at a seconds notice, you may have to pack up and
move far away from family and friends, you will have to have the separation
that come with the duty of you sailor. You must hold your family together with
the love of both of you. You must never forget the true meaning of freedom
because you and your sailor are sacrificing so much to keep that freedom. I
know what it feels like to sleep in big bed by your self. I know the lonely
nights of not have warm comfortable arms around you when you are scared or have
a bad dream. I remember what my sailor kiss is like, and if i want to feel his
arms around me or hear him tell me he loves me of to feel his touch or his kiss
all i have to do is close my eyes, and he is with me, the most important thing
is that i love him with all my heart and soul and i devoted to him and i will
always give him and his shipmates my undying devotion. I am so proud of them
and i am so proud to be the one my sailor chose to take as his wife..

I am proud of you my husband and I'm proud of all your shipmate for giving up
the most important thing to keep us free and safe from all the harm that could
come from other people in the world.. You are all my hero's i will fly the flag
for you all and i will wear the yellow ribbon until you come home,,, be safe we
all love you and miss you.. Come home soon.. God bless you and keep you in his
loving hands.

Written from the heart by the wife of MS2 S. R. Skolnick

by Deborah skolnick

contributed by Deborah Skolnick [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.