"Here's to only six months"
you said tenderly
we toasted to time,
and then you kissed me.

"To only six months"
I said through my tears,
"My God I will miss you,
my sailor, my dear.

"But it's only six months"
you told me again
"the time will fly by,
do things with your friends".

Six long months is half a year,
my heart will survive without you here...
"But still it is hard"
I say through a tear ~
you wipe it away, and then pull me near.

"But Christmas, and New Year's,
your birthday and mine"
then I start to cry harder,
and you say "We'll be fine."

"Just remember I love you,
while you are so far away.
I'll keep the homefires burning,
and I'll email everyday.
I'll send a package once a week,
just so you won't forget me,
I'll hug your pillow while I sleep,
and in my dreams you'll greet me.
Then on that day when you come home,
I'll be on the pier from the crack of dawn.
I'd wait a thousand lifetimes just to hold you once again -
I love you,
my sailor,
my lover,
my friend."

And now here I sit,
on this couch all alone ~
missing you madly
six months and you'll be home.

"Here's to only six months"
I say quietly.
then hearing my voice
in our desolate house,
another tear falls softly.

Sweetheart of a USS Carl Vinson sailor
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