June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Freedom of Love and Protection

Freedom of Love and Protection

I just wrote this poem today not only for my Fiancé that I Love so
much but for everyone going through this terrible tragedy. I hope you all
enjoy it and Cpl. Adam G. Anderson I love you very much and I pray that you
and everyone will return to home safely. I love you.

Freedom of Love and Protection

Three years ago you joined the United States Marine Corp.
You joined not only so that we could have a good family life,
But you joined to fight for freedom of everyone's rights.
We never imagined that war would brake out before you could come home.
Now we pray for all and fight for our freedom of love and protection.

When you were home you would hold me, love me, tell me every thing will
always be ok.
That no matter what, our love will concur all, we will be together to hold
We have a friendship and a love that people sometimes are only able to
dream of.
You and I know of this love and how strong it holds together no matter
How far apart we may be from each other.

Your family, friends, and nation are all behind you and all,
Now we pray for all and fight for our freedom of love and protection.

Everyday and every night the sun shines and the stars bloom.
Clouds surpass every thing in view.
Things change everyday from blue skies to gray clouds.
From love to undistinguished hurt through out the world.

Now we pray for all and fight for our freedom of love and protection.

The love that is held with in will only change as days go by and it grows
I hold onto this love knowing that one day we will be together holding on
Like we dreamed of the first time we were brought together.

Now I and all pray that our loved ones will be home and every thing will be

By: Tanya Breau from: M.A. September 12,2001

contributed by Tanya Breau [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.