God Bless America

 God Bless America

As I float out here thousand miles from god knows where I watch Fox News and
CNN as they bicker about saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Thousands of Sailors,
Marines, Soldiers, and Air Dales were taken away from their families during the
holiday season to go and defend our freedom. Yes, this is our job but this time
we were more than happy to go and Reap Havoc and let out the Dogs of War! The
whole country was ready to accept what ever came our way.

Now five months later we are still out here serving our call to duty and our
politicians, our bosses, are fighting about weather or not to say our Pledge of
Allegiance in school. Is this not the same flag that our family members and
friends died under? Is this not the same flag we were so moved to see risen
once again at ground zero? Is our flag good enough to send the expendables to
go and die for but not good enough to have our children stand in front of?

They may as well burn me in my uniform or stab me in the back. They have plenty
of practice in Korea and Vietnam. There is an old saying and it is as such," A
Soldier will fight for you right to burn the flag, a Marine will kick your
ass." All you politicians out there who are out there fighting to take the
Pledge away, REMEMBER, we are the one fighting to make sure you have the RIGHT
to take the Pledge away. As you wine, bicker and back paddle when put in a
corner on Fox news, we are the ones in the thick of it making sure you can
practice all the Partisan Politics you want.

Then we have those who think it takes "Guts" to do those horrible things that
were done to us. Let me tell you all something. First it takes "GUTS" to tell
your children as they cry their eyes out, you have to leave them and you don't
know when you will be home. Then it takes "GUTS" to leave your family. Weather
it is your wife and kids or husband and kids. To all the "Patriotic"
Politicians out there, have you ever had to explain to your 5-year old daughter
that you have to go and fight a war in a far off land? Have you ever had to
explain why you have to go and kill the "Bad guys"???

Yet we carry on and do what we are told like good Marines, Sailors, Soldiers,
and Air Dales defending the freedom that you obviously take so lightly. Is our
patriotism that short lived people? Once again, remember as you politicians sit
and cry about your right to say Our Pledge of Allegiance or not, there are
people who have died for your to have that right, and remember this is the
same, yes, the same flag WE were all so moved to see raised over the twin
towers once again after the atrocities that were done to us.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOD BLESS THE CORPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corporal Panos Matthew J

This is a letter I decided to write as I float out here while I watch the news.
Any comments can be emailed to me. God Bless America

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