Crimson petals, thorns of gold

Crimson petals, thorns of gold
Red and gold are the  colors for the Marine Corps. Red is a brilliant, warm
color, fiery and  spirited. It has been used to sympathetically represent
the blood and suffering  of others. Gold symbolizes honor, preciousness,
excellent worth, and the  harvest after growth. Petals are soft like
velvet, pleasant experiences, a time  that fills all of the senses. Petals
are sometimes kept in a perfumed mixture  of spice and oils like keeping a
treasured friend or fond memories. In contrast  is a thorn; a quick, sharp
prick or a bothersome ache. The thorn sometimes  gives a warning of what
cannot be touched.

Ever so  fragile, ever so bold

The enjoyment of being a woman; able to show emotion, able to care. The
responsibility of carrying the load as husbands come and go. There is a
well of strength deep inside that is surprisingly strong.

Dew drops  memories in the night

The lonely times when crying is the only answer. The memories of better
times and the frustration of waiting on dreams.

Filter  through the morning light

In the light of daybreak everything looks better. Light is clearness and
knowledge. Light also represents a new being, a new existence. Every
experience builds character to make a person new, wiser than the day
before. My hope is to touch your hearts and honor your position. This
poem is from my growth and it took many tears and daybreaks before I
could write this for you.

With  respect to you.
Patty Moore

Contributed by Joyce Murphy