My U.S. Marine

He's an American Soldier, he's strong and he's brave
He's battled through hell, so your freedom was saved
I hold his hand tightly, the same hand trained to kill
He was taught to protect us, go forth, do God's will
He sweated days in the sun, walked miles in sand
He's comforted a child, who died in his hands
His brothers behind him, so devoted, so serene
He must be my hero, my U.S. Marine

His camos are dirty, his boots are laced tight
He hasn't slept in four days, but still ready to fight
He's a lover, a fighter, a son and a friend
He took the oath of loyalty, Devil dog till the end
He knows when freedom is in question; he's been trained to do what's right
He was out there on the front line, while you're warm in bed at night
He is gentle yet rugged, but for our country he is mean
Yes, you guessed it, my love, is a U.S. Marine

With courage and anger he went and enlisted
While steel from our towers laid mangled and twisted
He vowed revenge on terrorists who set foot on our ground
For Red, White and Blue, through his heart it does pound
With a gun in his one hand, a flag in another
He said goodbye to his father, and kissed his mother
He said I'll return, and victory will reign
For I'm the few, the proud, a U.S. Marine

The day that he entered, he became a whole not a part
Of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor forever branded in his heart
My hero wears combat boots, not a cape, he can't fly
But peacefulness surrounds me with his words, Semper Fi
To his Family, his Country, his Jarheads and I
Can live safer knowing, we're protected by this guy
I look at him in his dress blues; he's the most courageous man I've seen
But then again, of course he is, he's my U.S. Marine

~With Love and Admiration~
Stacey Williams 2007