My Marine

My  Marine   
The plane waits in the background
engines roaring loud
Many families surround me
tears all around
You're leaving me today
to do your part in war
So I stand there crying
tears streaming down my face
longing oh so much
just to feel your sweet embrace
You look me in the eyes
and tell me its okay
you tell me you love me
and its only a matter of days
You hug me one last time
and place a gentle kiss on my cheek
you whisper that you'll miss me
and you tell your goodbyes
As you turn and walk away
our hands slowly part
and with you as you board that plane
is a large piece of my heart
But before you climb into the plane
I see you turn around
you flash me that goofy smile
that makes my heart pound
And as you disappear inside
my heart swells with pride
knowing as you leave me now...
that that Marine is mine...
  By: Rebecca S Parrott