My True Hero

I would like to submit the following poem I wrote for my husband, SSgt. Guillermo Ramos Jr.,  who is currently deployed in Iraq to OIF III with 1st Recon Battalion.
Mellanie Ramos
Camp Pendleton, CA
My True Hero

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
My daddy's gone away real far.
Proud to answer his country's call,
He had to leave us early last fall.
With his cammies, boots, and ruck on his back,
He kissed us goodbye and left for Iraq.
Convoys, watches, and IED sweeps,
No time for play and no time for sleep.
Scorched in the day, froze in the night,
He endures it all and stands for the fight.
No shiny medals or special recognition,
To him all that matters is a successful mission.
He fights to keep me safe at play,
Free from the terrorists' harmful way.
For his brothers-in-arms he'd give his life,
So they could go home to their kids and wife.
Days, weeks, and months have passed.
He's set to come home to me at last.
There is one thing you can guarantee:
My daddy's a real life hero to me.
Clothed in desert brown and olive green,
My daddy's a US Recon Marine.
By Mellanie Ramos