Wise Marine Corps Wife

 Wise Marine Corps Wife
I am a wise 
Marine Corps wife, 
with experience in 
 this way of life. 

Early I learned 
to make some friends, 
but never 
get to close to them. 

I learned the art 
of making friends, 
but carefully you know, 

for the true trick is 
in loving them, 
only to watch them go. 

Soon I saw that keeping friends 
in a corner of my heart, 
contained, separated, distanced, 
was really very smart! 

I loved them, 
indeed, of course, Yes!, 
just not enough 
to cause a mess 

So was my story, 
was my life 
(a wise and shrewd Marine Corps wife.) 

I played my part. 
I danced the dance, 
yet never took 
the slightest chance. 

 The chance I’d get 
too close again 
and make myself 
a real true friend. 

I’d learned my lesson 
long ago, 
it hurts too much 
to see them go 

Yes this was my story 
and is true, 
but then something happened, 
and it was you. 

How could you march 
into my life 
(a wise and cautious Marine Corps wife,) 

 and undo all the steps 
I’ve taken 
to keep my fragile heart 
 from breaking? 

You stormed right passed 
the boundaries I drew, 
and made me 
fall in love with you. 

You took that corner of my heart, 
tore down the walls, 
every part. 

And now I’m exposed 
to your light, 
and though I tried 
with all my might, 

 to keep those corners 
of my heart, 
neat and clean, 
 careful, smart 

I’ve come to see 
that I was remiss, 
in thinking all of these years 
like this. 

What pleasure 
had I might’ve known 
Had I allowed 
those seeds to’ve grown 

 The answer is so simple, 
just make your friends 
your family 

Then you can move 
and time can pass 
yet forever shall 
 your friendship last. 

So grab that Friend, 
and hold her tight 
and love her true, 
with all your might. 

To feel deep joy, 
you feel deep pain, 
but think of all 
you have to gain! 

A dear, sweet sister 
in your unique life 
a mentor, wise, 
Marine Corps wife. contributed by Kelly
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