-=Your Dream

I wrote this poem to my husband about two months after we were married. A few
days later he left for CAX, and I read this to myself every time I felt like I
couldn't go on another second without him. After September 11th delayed his
return home by about a week, I realized just how much this poem was true. This
is their dream to defend our wonderful and amazing country. I am so proud to
say that my husband is a United States Marine. I really hope that this can
enlighten any new Marine wives whose husbands are away on any deployment. This
is what they chose to do...be as supportive and proud as you possibly can...and
when all else fails, tell yourself and even him if you need to that all of this
is only temporary. Whether he's been in 6 months or 16 years, its only
temporary. It will get better. God bless all of you.

Kierston K Hicks, proud wife of Lcpl. R. Matthew Hicks, Camp Lejeune, NC
-=Your Dream

Like a steady drum, it beats inside you.
Almost deafening loud to you, yet silent to others.
Never fading with time, it keeps you going.
Your motivation,
Your life,
Your future.

It takes courage to follow, and wisdom to lead.
Many let go and others forget
about the hope they once held inside.
But you keep on reaching, striving toward the top.
Doing whatever it takes,
to live your dream of being a United States Marine.

Kierston K Hicks

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