To love them is an honor

To love them is an honor

To love them is an honor
To hold them is a crime
Uncle Sam has plans for them
You get your turn when there is time.

Between wars
And between the god almighty fleet
Your time seems less and less
And it's pretty cold between the sheets.

But it's an honor just to hold one
For them to know you care
For that smile that one flashes
Or just to run your fingers through his hair

Yes it is a sacrifice
Yes I always want a little more
And I know the Marine Corps is keeping him safe
Of that fact I am sure

So Colonel could you tuck him in
And Sergant could you sing him to sleep
It's a lot to ask but i'm not there
To hold one of the finest when he weeps.

-Carrie Simonds-

Contributed by Roger
Tidwell [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.