I Take Thee, Marine Corps

 I Take Thee, Marine Corps
They say that a marriage is a 50/50 proposition, however,
you'll find that a Marine Corps wife will disagree with
you. As far as she's concerned, marriage is a three-way
deal with the Marine Corps holding a full 33 &1/3 share.
There is many a leatherneck's wife who sometimes feel the
words used at a Marine's wedding should read something like this:
_CHAPLAIN:_ "Wilt thou, Bride, take this Marine as thy
lawful wedded husband, bearing in mind liberty hours, training
schedules, watches, sudden orders, uncertain mail, and all
other problems of Marine Corps life? Wilt thou serve him,
love, honor, and wait for him, learn to wash, starch, and iron
cammies, and keep the smoking lamp lit at home?"

_BRIDE:_ "I................will."

_GROOM:_ "I, a Marine, take thee as my wedded wife from 1630 (maybe)
to 0600 as far as permitted by my commanding officer, liberty
hours subject to change without notice, for better or worse,
for earlier or later, and I promise to write at least once a week."

_BRIDE:_ "I take thee Marine, as my wedded husband, subject to
the orders of the CMC, changing residence whenever my husband
is transferred, to have and to hold as long as my allotment
comes through regularly, and there is given my troth."

_CHAPLAIN:_ "By the virtues of the authority vested in Navy Regs,
subject to regulations of the Marine Corps Manual and latest
Marine Corps Directives, I pronounce you man and wife."
Borrowed from the Black Knight Wives HMM
264 (REIN)