The Marine Wives

 The Marine Wives
By: Cindy R. Pifer

We are a special kind, so loving and so strong
We keep the house a home and make them feel that they belong
We wait throughout the days, the weeks, the months, the years
We pray for their safe return and the words we need to hear
We need to hear I love you even though we know they do
We deal with their emotions and we always help them through
We keep their pictures by the bed and them always in our hearts
We always keep our love alive even though we are far apart
We sit alone in silence but always hold their hand
We are loving, caring, faithful and always support our man
We are the women standing behind the heroes who fight in war
We are the ones who raise the babies we know that they adore
We still can't help but wonder if all our efforts go in vain
We still cry sometimes even though we hide the pain
We live our lives so lonely waiting for their return
We have only each other for a place where we can turn
We make friends at every stop only to say goodbye
We move from base to base to stay right by their side
We sit aside so unactknowledge for all the things we do
We are the women who give our all and make sacrifices too
We give our husbands so that our country feels protected
We smile through it all even though we feel neglected
We are not in the spotlight and we never ask to be
We only need to be needed and loved by our Marines
We love our Marines with all we have and need them in our lives
We are the few, the proud, we are the Marine wives

Contributed by David
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