My Last Set of Orders

 My Last Set of Orders

I depart on my mission. to a new place.
Where flowers grow endless, with beauty and grace.

"Now I am free!". As I shout it aloud.
To walk in green meadows, and soar among clouds.

No misery, no pain, no sadness, and grief.
Just serenity, my angel, my father, and peace.

My final orders. "Live Forever! And inherit the land."
Not a terrorist in sight. or unwanted sand.

Walk the roads paved in gold.swim the powder blue lakes.
No flashes from warfare.only light from his face.

There's a time for each person to join God and explore.
Well this is my time. and nothing quite more.

As the light hits my face.I kneel down, then I sigh.
Do you love me dear Jesus? And he said"Semper Fi!"

Rhonda Newson