I Married the Marine Corps

 I Married the Marine Corps

Oh, I am a Marine wife.
I know because I see
That everywhere I go now
That is my identity.

I love my Marine so much,
It is him that I did marry
But without my trusty ID card
I can't go to the commissary.

I stood there at the altar
Thinking I would be his wife
But he had already said I DO
And made the Marines his life.

In my heart I know just how he feels
I know I am his only,
But when he left to do his thing
I felt so sad and lonely.

I was never one to do things the easy way
So I married a Marine.
I knew a husband could get on your nerves
So I have one that is seldom seen.

It is like the eternal honeymoon
Gone for days and then comes home.
When he is on my very last nerve
They take him somewhere to roam.

If I did not like his leaving-
His command would say "Who cares?"
A wife is not issued in boot camp-
Along with his other wares.

So, I married the Marine Corps
The Brotherhood of Men.
I know he will come home soon
But I hurry up and wait until then.

-- Author unknown