A letter to my Marine

A letter to my Marine

I wished you was here to hold me close through these cold nights. I wake up to
the memory of the dream I just had. A dream in which I could touch you and hold
you. In this dream I meet you at the door when you come home from work. You are
tired but I know what will make you feel better. I take off you boots and rub
your feet. Gently back and forth I rub taking care to press hard to rub out the
tension that has built up there all day. Them I help you get undressed and into
a pair of boxers and a pair of slippers that I have kept warm for you to slip
into. Then I bring you out a nice meal and a glass of wine. It looks to be a
strawberry flavored wine. I couldn't tell the make, just that it is something
you like. After dinner I bring you in a cup of coffee and sit down to finish
the foot and leg massage as you tell me about your day.

Then next thing I know we are in the bed room and I am giving you a full body
massage. You turn over and start to kiss me. As your hand moves down my back I
suddenly awake. I reach to touch you and I realize you are not there on that
empty side of the bed. It is cold without you. I turn over and start to fall
back asleep hoping this time I can do it without crying. I know this is your
job and I will always be right here waiting for you, but sometimes especially
late at night when I awaken expecting to find you there I do cry. Then I roll
back over and go back to sleep knowing I am one day closer to being with you
again. And as my eyes close I hope I speed back to the dream where you are
holding me close and I am warm in your arms once more.

I want you to know I would not change one day we have lived and I would not
wish to have a different life. For I know that no matter what this life is ours
and this has been our choice. That choice is one of the most precious things we
have done together. Besides our boys, I have to say that being the proud wife
of a Marine doing his job and standing for what is right is the greatest honor
anyone could ever give me. I am honored to be your wife and your best friend,
as you are mine.

I love you and wish God speed to you and the rest of the guys to come back home
to us.

Love Always And Forever
Toni Michelle Proud Wife Of Ssgt David Hostuttler
And Mother Of 3 Wonderful Little Demons: Alex(6), Tony(4), And Adriel(2).

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