Love Spell

Love Spell

Topic:Love Spell. To my Ryan, my Marine, my Knight

If i could learn a spell that would make you stay,
i would sing it over and over to mark it in my heart.
if i could ask God to leave the sky blue and let me keep the day,
i wouldn't have to hide in my blanket when the night is so cold and dark.
i whispered your name under the stars,
the wind dried my tears, with rose petals,it tried to send you my love.
only if i knew a love spell that would make you not as far,
not as far.

So i reached out my hand to grab the last kiss i blew,
tell him,i said,
i will always be here and always be true.
To my Marine,my Knight

Sandy Cheng

contributed by Sandy Cheng [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.