Loving My Marine

 Loving My Marine

Loving my Marine,
Is not an easy task.
I write a million letters,
But I only get two back.

It's not that he's not lov'in me,
Or thinking of me much,
It's not that he just doesn't care,
Or that he is too tough.

The Corps it keeps him busy,
Each day and many nights.
"I want to see you", but we can't,
He doesn't have that right.

He goes where they tell him,
Be it far from home,
Knowing that I miss him,
And that I'm home alone.

He calls at every chance he gets,
Says "I love you so,
I can't talk long, we're not secured,
Babe, I've got to go."

And then at night I lay in bed
Tired, cold, alone...
I dream of better times to come
When he'll be safely home.

I pray to God to give me greatness
In my heart to see,
The difference between duty
And his endless love for me. *(1)

He's rough, he's tough and everything,
A great Marine should be,
But when the day is done you see-
He's the same old Ken to me.

So when he goes to lay his head
In those barracks, in that bed,
Lord, Give him strength to carry on,
When all is dark and hope is gone.

Tonight in bed, I close my eyes,
A candle lit at my bedside,
I pray that as we're far apart
He'll know the feelings in my heart.

In the words of the US Corp.,
"Faith, Honor and True"
My Marine, I hope you know,
My love is all for you.

Help him to trust Lord,
To have no fear,
And know
My heart is ever near.

Ooh-Rah and Amen

Jaimi Lynn Kittay
New York, New York
To my hero, Officer K.M. Graff, with love.

*(1) A Military Wife's Prayer, Author Unknown

contributed by Jaimi L. Kittay [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.