Marine Corps Boot Camp

Marine Corps Boot Camp

One day a boy said, "I’d like to become a Marine."
So the DI’s at Parris Island decided to help him pursue his dream.

The recruiters asked was he nervous, thought he never said yes,
For he knew not the power the DI’s would posses.

Following a long red-eye flight, and a ninety-minute bus ride,
He met the selected DI’s that would teach him great pride.

As a long forty-eight hours of no sleep took its toll,
The ferocious DI’s displayed their control.

And as the confidence was broken, the recruits tried hard not to cry,
For they knew the DI’s would make them do push-ups for the tears from their

Now that the recruits saw a glimpse of the next twelve weeks of their lives,
They welcomed the sleep when the DI’s shut out the lights.

Little did the recruits know they would wake for their next day,
With the DI’s yelling and screaming throughout the squad bay.

Soon the training became routine, and the recruits learned to work with their
As the DI's made sure PT and drill were a part of each and every afternoon.

Yet the recruits now receive the word, that the day of the gas chamber has
You can be sure the DI’s will be helping them learn that they will surely

The twelve weeks the recruits’ thought would never come to a closing phase,
Started to draw nearer as the DI’s announced that the crucible would take

Through three days and three nights the recruits pushed on as they began to see
That all along the DI’s showed them how they could help keep our country Free

One recruit after another, the finishing hump came to an end
And finally the DI’s placed an eagle, globe and anchor in each hand.

Now what the hopeful recruits thought once was only a dream,
The DI’s have transformed into a UNITED STATES MARINE.

By: Gina Goering

contributed by Gina Goering [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.