A Marine Family Mystery

A Marine Family Mystery

A lifetime ago, when a Marine was off fighting,
a mother took her young daughter and fled
military life.

The parents were divorced, the mother very quickly
remarried and a baby girl was raised by another man
whom she thought was her "Daddy".

Decades later, the mother dies, leaving the now grown child
only a birth certificate, a copy of the divorce papers, and a baby
book with photos of her parents' marriage, and one photo of
the daughter with her Dad.

The shock is that this is the **first** that this daughter has heard of
her father.

Please help her find him:
Stratford Ironsides Kerr,
usually called "Robert" or "Bobby".
Born 1925, probably in California.
His Dad served in WWI in the Army in the Illinois brigade and is buried
Golden Gate National Cemetary along with his wife, Kathryn.
He may have been a short-timer or a lifer. We don't know.
A 1925 birthdate could have put him in WWII service, or in Korea, or

Won't you please help? If you have any information that might help to
re-unite this family, please e-mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail: Kerr c/o Ligon, 1383 Natoma St, San
Francisco, CA.
Thank you!

I'm hoping that you can help a Marine daughter to locate
her Dad who served as a Marine.

contributed by Ann Marie K. Patterson