Marine Wife (The Different Breed)

Marine Wife (The Different Breed)

I know to be a Marine, it takes a different breed. It also takes
a different breed to be a Marine Wife. Always on pins and needles, alwayss
waiting and praying he's not called.  Hoping the departure wouldn't be that
long. Holding those sweet tears back, hoping for the best, laying your
sweet hand upon his flared out chest. Telling hI'm you loving trying
not to cry, telling the good lord to be there by his side. This is just a dream,
please just let it be!  I feel my heart start to crumble deep inside
me.  He's my hole world please don't let hI'm go!  Deep inside my
heart I know he has to go. I know it his job and ill support him through it all.
It's just so hard when you hear that final call " Honey, I'm being deployed."
It's like you can't breath and you don't know what to say, you just want to hold
him and sit with him and pray. That the lord will keep him safe and
bring him home so soon. Keep your weary heart strong. You look at your man and
see the strength inside, and you try your best to do the same. Your so proud of
him and your so glad he's yours. He is the most unselfish man that you have ever
know. To fight for people he doesn't even know.  You will always know your
at the center of his soul, your the one he is really fighting for. He's doing
his job so he can come home soon, to hold you in is strong arms. When you see
him off it's so hard not to cry, but you do it for him because it's easier
to say, "good bye." You hug him one last time and whisper in his ear, " I love
you Handsome and ill always be near. " Be strong and don't let go."  As you
walk away you just have to let him know, you turn around and run to his
arms last thing you whisper , "Your my Hero."  As the day, weeks and months
pass, you pray and write for your traveling Marine. Hoping the good lord will
bring him safely home. You wonder what he's doing each and everyday, hoping he
can feel your love from so vary far away.  As you close your eyes you
remember all the times you spent together each and every day and night. 
Your so proud your a Marine wife, even though it's hard. You are a strong part
in keeping things together, your a strong woman that helps hold your
man  together, through out this stormy weather.  When you
hear other woman praising you for your strength. They ask you how you do it,
this is what you say, " I'm a Marine's wife im the strongest and the best, im
one of a kind like my man we hardly rest." Even though it's hard you stick
by his side. Always keep the motto "Semper Fi" , by your
side.  Always Faithful and that's what will always be. Thats why a
marine wife is such an a amazing breed

I love you so much Mark! Your my whole world God bless your heart! Your my
hero and my best friend!

Love your Wife,
Amber  Pearson

This is for all the Marine Wives, you woman are awesome. Keep up the
great work and never give up. Gods alway with you and your husband! "Semper Fi"
ladys! :) God Bless!

Taylor Kellison