Just a Rose

Thank you Sara [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] for this short story entitled simply -

Just a Rose

My husband looked at me one day, and a tear came to his eye.
I asked what was wrong, He gave me this letter and a Beautiful Red Rose

The day I met you, I never thought you would mean so much.
I bought you a rose, and you said, "Thank You" very much.
But day after day, your smile lit up my life.
When I chose to go after my dream, after 25 years into my life,
You all but through me out,
and seen me off to the flight that changed my life.
Everyday I was at MCRD, your letters never brought me down,
the cards of encouragement, we're always sent around.
That day I hit the top of that hill I cried out your name,
I claimed the title of Marine that day in the cold rain and then
I knew I was going to see you real soon,
and that was Graduation Day.
I asked you to be my wife and married you that day.
They said I was crazy, and that it would all end.
You've seen me through hell, inspections and more,
you've taken care of our children, helped new wives, and those left behind.
All the tours away, the endless night, and hours you've wondered where and
I know I seen no tears, but I knew the hurt in your eyes.
So, everytime I see Roses, I find the one with the biggest thorns.
Because the life you gave up so willingly, so I could live my dream,
I will always treasure because you are MY MARINE.

Your Loving Husband