A 1994 issue of the Marine Corps Musicians Association (MCMA) Newsletter
printed an invocation delivered by Bill Black, the President of the MCMA:
"Oh Lord, we have long known that prayer should include confession. Therefore
on behalf of the Marines and their guests here gathered, I confess their sins:
Lord, they're just not in step with today's society. They are unreasonable in
clinging to old-fashioned ideas like patriotism, duty, honor and country. They
hold radical ideas believing that they are their brother's keeper and
responsible for the Marine on their flank.

They have been seen standing when colors pass, singing the National Anthem at
ball games, and drinking toasts to fallen comrades. Not only that, they have
been observed standing tall; taking charge and wearing their hair unfashionably
short. They have taken John Kennedy's words too seriously and are overly
concerned with what they can do for their country instead of what this country
can do for them. They take the Pledge of Allegiance to heart and believe that
their oath is to be honored.

Forgive them, Lord, for being stubborn men and women who hold fast to such
old-fashioned values. After all, what more can you expect? They're Marines! Oh
Lord our God, bless our misguided ideals, continue to raise up in this nation
strong leaders and deliver us from "me first" managers and "don't ask me"
followers. Be our honored guest this day. Let it be a day of laughter, good
food, good drink, and the telling of tall tales and legends that occasionally
exceed the truth. Watch over and keep safe those who wear this nation's uniform
with special attention to their families everywhere. Now through this day and
all the nights and days ahead, God bless this great nation and God Bless the
Corps. AMEN"
-- Bill Black