I've Never

I've Never

To My Marine, Cpl. Matthew Scott Miller
I've never been so scared
Never seemed so lost and unglued
I'm usually well put together
How I fear what you're going through

I've never been so helpless
All I can do is wait and pray
Pray for the day this is over
And you come back home to stay

I've never seen such beauty
The beauty inside of you
Remember that I love you
Have faith, you'll make it through

I've never seen such courage
Like the courage I see in you
You give yourself so selflessly
All for the red, white, & blue

And I've never been so proud
To know someone like you
Your deeds will be remembered
Thank you for what you do
Brandy Jean

Matthew is 22 years old and if from Green Bay Wisconsin.
He graduated Preble High School in 1999 and he is a CNA at the Brown County Mental Health Center.
His parents are Richard and Deborah Miller and he has two sisters, Laura and Jenny.
Myself and them are praying for his safety and his return to us home soon.