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Marine Husband

Marine Husband
by Ciara Ada
He hears you cry over the phone,
Hears the sorrow and pain in your tone
You miss him so bad
But he knows.
You bravely swallow your fears
And quietly wipe away the tears
Yet you're still dying inside
But he knows.
Then you tell him it's okay
That you'll see him again someday
You just hate to be apart
But he knows.
Your struggle is great and the pain immense
Your inner war is epic and the battles intense
All you want is him
But he knows.
The pain and the sorrow
The loneliness and tears
The frustration of waiting
The numerous fears
He knows what it is like
He understands it very well
He knows all the feelings
He knows all the thoughts
But he wants you to know
That no matter what
No matter where you are
No matter how near
Or how very far
He loves you
And he understands above all
The things you go through
Because, although he won't show it
So you won't always know it,
He goes through all of it too...

My U.S. Marine

He's an American Soldier, he's strong and he's brave
He's battled through hell, so your freedom was saved
I hold his hand tightly, the same hand trained to kill
He was taught to protect us, go forth, do God's will
He sweated days in the sun, walked miles in sand
He's comforted a child, who died in his hands
His brothers behind him, so devoted, so serene
He must be my hero, my U.S. Marine

His camos are dirty, his boots are laced tight
He hasn't slept in four days, but still ready to fight
He's a lover, a fighter, a son and a friend
He took the oath of loyalty, Devil dog till the end
He knows when freedom is in question; he's been trained to do what's right
He was out there on the front line, while you're warm in bed at night
He is gentle yet rugged, but for our country he is mean
Yes, you guessed it, my love, is a U.S. Marine

With courage and anger he went and enlisted
While steel from our towers laid mangled and twisted
He vowed revenge on terrorists who set foot on our ground
For Red, White and Blue, through his heart it does pound
With a gun in his one hand, a flag in another
He said goodbye to his father, and kissed his mother
He said I'll return, and victory will reign
For I'm the few, the proud, a U.S. Marine

The day that he entered, he became a whole not a part
Of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor forever branded in his heart
My hero wears combat boots, not a cape, he can't fly
But peacefulness surrounds me with his words, Semper Fi
To his Family, his Country, his Jarheads and I
Can live safer knowing, we're protected by this guy
I look at him in his dress blues; he's the most courageous man I've seen
But then again, of course he is, he's my U.S. Marine

~With Love and Admiration~
Stacey Williams 2007

From Dark To Light

From Dark To Light
  Sitting Lonely in the darkness like there's chains around my wrist, Thinking only of you leaving as my eyes begin to mist.                                                            
  Every day is like a challenge and I'm fighting to get by, I've lost my motivation and my will to even try.                                                                        
  Suddenly I'm winded and the world begins to spin. My heart is bleeding for you now, I'm wishing this would end.                                                               
     I'm trying desperately to touch the ground so I can stand, But breathings getting harder there's no place for me to land.                                                        
   But just when I think that maybe there's no light to end this dark, I'm feeling something pull me up and pierce me thru the heart.                                            
  I close my eyes and there you are green eyes as bright as day, I'm feeling guilty for believing you had truly gone away.                                                              
  I feel your touch so clearly like a breeze across my face, And before I know what's happening I'm traveling thru time and space.                                       
  I'm lying in your arms as you whisper in my ear, Saying that you love me as you wash away the fear.                                                                         
   Remembering your promise that you'll never leave my side, I take a deep breath in and I watch our worlds collide.                                                 
      Knowing that you need me and your wife I'll always be, You make the whole world brighter so that I can finally see.                                                        
   The emptiness is gone now, my hands no longer shake, You build my inspiration with the steps you help me take.                                        
   Christopher I love you and I'll scream it to the moon, I hope that you can hear it baby, come home to me soon.
  By: Samantha M Lauer, UCMC Wife
  For: Cpl. Lauer C.J. II
  My husband is a Marine and is currently on a deployment to Iraq i wrote this for him and I'd like to summit it to your website, if this is possible I'd really appreciate it. Thank You so much For your time.

My Marine

My  Marine   
The plane waits in the background
engines roaring loud
Many families surround me
tears all around
You're leaving me today
to do your part in war
So I stand there crying
tears streaming down my face
longing oh so much
just to feel your sweet embrace
You look me in the eyes
and tell me its okay
you tell me you love me
and its only a matter of days
You hug me one last time
and place a gentle kiss on my cheek
you whisper that you'll miss me
and you tell your goodbyes
As you turn and walk away
our hands slowly part
and with you as you board that plane
is a large piece of my heart
But before you climb into the plane
I see you turn around
you flash me that goofy smile
that makes my heart pound
And as you disappear inside
my heart swells with pride
knowing as you leave me now...
that that Marine is mine...
  By: Rebecca S Parrott

My True Hero

I would like to submit the following poem I wrote for my husband, SSgt. Guillermo Ramos Jr.,  who is currently deployed in Iraq to OIF III with 1st Recon Battalion.
Mellanie Ramos
Camp Pendleton, CA
My True Hero

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
My daddy's gone away real far.
Proud to answer his country's call,
He had to leave us early last fall.
With his cammies, boots, and ruck on his back,
He kissed us goodbye and left for Iraq.
Convoys, watches, and IED sweeps,
No time for play and no time for sleep.
Scorched in the day, froze in the night,
He endures it all and stands for the fight.
No shiny medals or special recognition,
To him all that matters is a successful mission.
He fights to keep me safe at play,
Free from the terrorists' harmful way.
For his brothers-in-arms he'd give his life,
So they could go home to their kids and wife.
Days, weeks, and months have passed.
He's set to come home to me at last.
There is one thing you can guarantee:
My daddy's a real life hero to me.
Clothed in desert brown and olive green,
My daddy's a US Recon Marine.
By Mellanie Ramos